Wednesday, October 22, 2014


"She needed a hero... so that's what she became." 

What I would really love right now is a calming drink, chilling on a tropical beach. And I'm sure
 many of you understand, as we are entering exam season, that we would love to be anywhere but 
where we have to be right now. However it is soothing to escape the present reminiscing over the
 past. A few nights ago I had the pleasure to celebrate a friend's 21st: Batman style *insert attempt 
of a real smooth expression. Corporate girl at day, femme fatale at night.

Not long until I, myself, turn a year older. Leaving my teen years behind and stepping into twenty-
dom. A good time to do some omniscient reflections on the past year that has managed to slip right 
through my fingers. What have I captured as a 19 year old? The enduring thirst for growth fueling 
accomplishments, along with faltering mistakes along the way. A year come, a year passed.   

ASOS Black Bandeau Skater Dress / White Stilettos / Chain Necklace / 
Forever21 Stud Earings / H&M Stacked Gold Rings / Lovisa Stacked Gold Rings /
 Colette by Colette Hayman Purse 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


"This one is for you and me, living out of dreams."
- Lighters (Bad Meets Evil)

We see things, want things, try to work towards things... but the thing that stops us is commitment,
 our persistence. My dear older brother is my sole motivator and inspiration, his drive to succeed 
and his ability to turn 'beast mode' is awe-striking.

You want something, you go and get it, and you continue to work yourself to the death trying to get 
it and you don't stop until you get there. And once you're there, you set your goals higher, and you 
work for something higher. That is his mentality. I'm going to do that here, I'm going to do my best 
to bring the best onto this table. I'm going to go blow your 'beeping' minds. No more fear of being
 judged for trying, for you can only succeed when you try, and learn from your failures. Watch this
 space early December. Christmas is coming early.

Vero Moda Jeans / Converse Sneakers / Barcode Sweater

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I've been engulfed in stress lately,
and have reached the peak, and just
really don't care anymore...

This week went by like it never existed. Exams coming up and I just really don't care anymore.
 Showing off my nonchalance mood in tomboy style: navy Valleygirl lace crop top, wrapped in a 
boy's Urban Supply plaid shirt, whilst rocking white Hollister jeans, dark leopard-printed
Converse sneakers and navy Forever21 rose stud earings.

A short hello from me whilst I try regain my motivation to study. I wish you all a good weekend. 
Next month is a full on one, with exams and it being my birthday month. I've got a surprise for you 
all on here to make up for the possible MIA and also in celebration of me turning 20! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


If they don't talk with you,
then they talk about you.
But if you know yourself, then you
won't be harmed by what is said about you. 

When stories travel around, your first reaction is to ask what is being said so then you know whether 
your reputation is being damaged or not. But as lovely Dr Seuss says: "Those who mind don't matter, 
and those who matter don't mind". Your close friends will know who you are and won't believe the 
lies that are being told.  The only way this can bother you is that it may damage your ability to meet 
new amazing people if there's a negative preconception about you. But wise John Wooden points out 
that you should "be more concerned with your character than with your reputation". 

When you know yourself enough, people will see past the lies being said about you when they meet 
you. The only time you should care about negative gossip is when they are being spread by people 
you trust. Then, should you go and investigate whether these people should continue to stay in your 
life. I hope this post inspires you, because I've realised I've become a stronger, more confident, 
person and I want to spread that love around so less people will be hurt by the negativity that 
sometimes comes into their life.

Lavender Blouse / H&M Jeans / PLUS+ Purse / Patent White Flats