Saturday, September 13, 2014


The calendar tells me it's Spring,
the dark cloudy sky tells me otherwise,
and my flowery printed denim? 
Well it doesn't really care.

If you've been following me on Instagram you'll know that last week I had a birthday breakfast catch
 up with my dearest friends. Breakfast just speaks sunshine and flowers... but sadly the sky didn't 
cooperate and speak the same language. Cloudy and windy and just plain cold to the point that my 
lips turned purple to compliment my pastel outfit. It matched but I couldn't say I was impressed.

It was exactly one week into Spring and I didn't care what weather it was, I wanted to show it. I went
 ahead and wore my Temt white flower printed denim pants and Kmart gold studded sandals along
 with a nice warm denim top tied into a crop version to show off my physique that I've been working
 hard on. Nice white shoulder bag to finish off and I semi-forgave the weather.   

Saturday, September 6, 2014


We're all just fighting to be at the top of the game, 
to be the Monopoly of our passion.
Where we live in riches, glamour & love... 

Life right now is on the fast lane, a roller-coaster ride of extreme highs and confusing lows. But lows are
 easily erased when I focus on being positive and carrying that smiling, laughing vibe everywhere I go. 
Nothing shall bring me down. 'The world doesn't get better being negative. There's two sides to life and you 
choose which one you want to live'.

The university ball was surely one night to remember, Monopoly themed with the room decorated in the 
style of the board: A real life car in one corner, a jail cell in another and even a giant 'Go' platform at the 
entrance corner. Thank you to my amazing multi-talented mother for altering my pastel blue dress to it is, 
creating a sexy slit (how many mothers would allow the showing of such skin, especially Asian mothers, for 
that I hail her epicness) and changing the neckline and length of the overall dress. Forever 21 earings 
complimenting my metallic silver heels and sparkly velvet clutch was the only jewellery I wore that night. I 
wanted my dress (or say body), to do all the talking.     

Saturday, August 30, 2014


"Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, 
but what makes it new is the way you put it together."
- Carolina Herrera

ASOS recently had an amazing sale that I just couldn't resist. There was a void in my life that I needed a
 fashion fix to fill. One of the purchases was this River Island cami in beige. I wanted white but with online 
shopping, when you don't read properly, well that's just that. I wonder if I can bleach it into white... Eh, but 
beige is still cool, less feminine, more edgy I guess. Ha! Wrong, I defy everything. River Island to me is all 
edges and nothing sweet (thanks to Rihanna's collaboration with the label) but here I am wearing something 
even more feminine than I can usually handle. 

This flu and workload must be getting to my head, because not only am I seen with a handbag, my 
beloved Prada here, but I'm also accessorizing with numerous rings on my fingers and 
Swarovski necklace, and most of all, I have my hair up. What has happened? Apologies for the weird 
tinted colour of the photos, I would love to pass it off as the intended effect, but in all honesty, when I take 
photos of my night outfits, at night of course, there's no natural lighting and, well, this happens. So let's just 
say this was intended. Enjoy the rest of the week lovely people! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Going back in time, searching for past outfits.
Spring soon, with only a last bit of winter left.
But life's storm is just beginning. 

I admit, working 9-5 was terrible in the beginning but it gets easier as your mind adjusts to the long hours.
 Instead of waiting for the end of the day, you work towards the next break, making it more comforting. 
And the problem is, once you get stuck in that routine, and you are promised your pay, stability stops you 
from reaching higher. You give up your dream for something of reassurance and comfort. I don't want to fall 
in that trap. Even though work isn't that bad, and some days pretty good actually, I believe there are better 
things out there. I'm going to make it big on my own.

So here's an outfit from a few months ago, when it was less cold. Something thrown on once again: nice cute 
Kmart boots, miscellaneous cardigan, LBD and belt. Flowy and comfortable, something I need right now to 
juxtapose the tight corporate clothes I've been wearing 5 days a week. Enjoy your week people, I'm 
heading back to University and I am buried deep in the amount of study I need to catch up on. But the light 
at the end of this dark tunnel is the ECOMS ball at the end of the week. Be sure to see instagram photos.