Monday, September 29, 2014


The night won't end until the sun is up.
'Work hard, play hard' has been my life motto lately.
'Sleep is for the weak' might slowly make its way as well.

Haven't dressed up to go out for a long while now. Celebration of the end of the first half of the university
 semester, and also the end of my one week training course for work. Exams done, law assignments 
handed in and now I have one week to relax. Jokes! More like one week for me to catch up to 
lectures and study, and continue working. Nevertheless it is still a much needed mid-semester break to
attend to some things that have been piling up. Stress has got me all tightened up for the past
two weeks and for everything to suddenly disappear is the best feeling ever: Carefree! A night out 
with my amazing girls!

Dressed in a white crop top from SheInside, a red lace pencil skirt and purple heels, I was ready for
 a big fun night! The night didn't end until the sun rose, evidence from my Instagram. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Back to university,
dressed smartly in blue.
But I can't say...
I'm looking forward to graduating.

I know I'll always be a wanderer, put me in a box and it will drive me crazy (a teller box in a bank is
 exactly what I mean), unless there's vibrant personalities in that box with me (and thank God there 
is... on some days). I'll always be the one wanting to try everything, it helps me find out what I don't 
like, like the box situation. So career-wise, I would love a job that let's me wander around, like the 
way I wander around in university and get to feel the sun and breathe in the fresh air.

Feeling smart in blue: in a ValleyGirl chiffon shirt, matching pale blue ONLY denim skirt and 
kicking it off with Converse shoes. Off to university with my usual Maku Store backpack. Hair up 
and also a bit of accessorising with two gold necklaces and dainty rings. Currently obsessing over 
delicate gold pieces! Another super busy week ahead with full time training, assignments and exams 
in one! Bring it on because I've come to realise I'm the Asian girl version of Superwoman!  

Saturday, September 13, 2014


The calendar tells me it's Spring,
the dark cloudy sky tells me otherwise,
and my flowery printed denim? 
Well it doesn't really care.

If you've been following me on Instagram you'll know that last week I had a birthday breakfast catch
 up with my dearest friends. Breakfast just speaks sunshine and flowers... but sadly the sky didn't 
cooperate and speak the same language. Cloudy and windy and just plain cold to the point that my 
lips turned purple to compliment my pastel outfit. It matched but I couldn't say I was impressed.

It was exactly one week into Spring and I didn't care what weather it was, I wanted to show it. I went
 ahead and wore my Temt white flower printed denim pants and Kmart gold studded sandals along
 with a nice warm denim top tied into a crop version to show off my physique that I've been working
 hard on. Nice white shoulder bag to finish off and I semi-forgave the weather.   

Saturday, September 6, 2014


We're all just fighting to be at the top of the game, 
to be the Monopoly of our passion.
Where we live in riches, glamour & love... 

Life right now is on the fast lane, a roller-coaster ride of extreme highs and confusing lows. But lows are
 easily erased when I focus on being positive and carrying that smiling, laughing vibe everywhere I go. 
Nothing shall bring me down. 'The world doesn't get better being negative. There's two sides to life and you 
choose which one you want to live'.

The university ball was surely one night to remember, Monopoly themed with the room decorated in the 
style of the board: A real life car in one corner, a jail cell in another and even a giant 'Go' platform at the 
entrance corner. Thank you to my amazing multi-talented mother for altering my pastel blue dress to it is, 
creating a sexy slit (how many mothers would allow the showing of such skin, especially Asian mothers, for 
that I hail her epicness) and changing the neckline and length of the overall dress. Forever 21 earings 
complimenting my metallic silver heels and sparkly velvet clutch was the only jewellery I wore that night. I 
wanted my dress (or say body), to do all the talking.